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January 14, 2021



      Many individuals, their works, and masterpieces, ideas, and teachings, are revered and respected, today, but were shunned, ridiculed, ignored, or discredited, in their day.  They did not realize fame, or fortune, or were noted, by name.  And it was only, when the world was ready to embrace, the creation, the idea, did the fruits, of their labor, come to fruition.  This is the way it is for many, who say, “I will do it,” because, at the time, the world does not understand the project, does not realize the masterpiece, cannot comprehend the idea, the teaching.  Yet, this lack of faith, this doubt, does not stop the gift, the masterpiece, the teaching.  Therefore, when you are tempted to feel, that your mission, has failed, that you have failed, reject that idea, and continue to follow, as you are guided, as you are led, for that, which you bring to Earth, that masterpiece, you present, to those of Earth, will be acknowledged, in its time.  Therefore, you, who are filled with teachings of light and good, you, who are the creators of masterpieces, do not be dismayed.  Be happy to complete your work, and leave it in place, for it will become the treasure to those, who are seeking, in time.  And those, who are seeking, in time, will lift it up, for all to see.  Do not be tempted to seek adulation, applause, or high recognition, because then, it will become more of ego.  In quiet times, when you are led, to accomplish a goal, to carry-out a mission, rise-up, and, with steadfast faith, continue, for you are destined to be the bringer, the creator.  Once it is done, I will call you Home.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There are many individuals, whose masterpieces, ideas, and teachings, did not see success, in their day.  They were met with ridicule, and rejection.  Yet, because they were willing to do, as they were guided to do, to create, as they were guided to create, to teach as they were guided to teach, the masterpieces, and the teachings, and the names of the creators, are with you, today, are revered, today.  That, which is meant to be, shall be, when the time is right, when The Light is bright enough to see.