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January 15, 2020



      Come, and sit with Me.  You do not have to come with a prayer, a list of petitions, just come, and sit quietly with Me, for My child, I know your heart, I know what is stirring around you and within you.  I know these things, because we are one.  Therefore, come and sit, and as you sit quietly with Me, I will fill you with information that is Divine Guidance, instructions for you to follow, so that you might know The Way, and easily escape the bonds of shadow and darkness.  Listen, and even if you do not understand, at the moment, all that I say to you, you will absorb it in your spirit and your soul, and your heart will rest and be at peace.  Come, and sit with Me and let us fulfil the prophecies that one day all will be taught by God.  This is what I desire of thee, to learn My ways, to speak My words, because they are also your ways and your words, as we are one.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you take the time to sit with God, when you sit quietly and are filled with The Wisdom of God, your words, your thoughts, and your deeds bless the Earth every day.  You are not tempted to retaliation when God is whispering, “Just love them.”  Sit with God, and you will know the ways of God, and the ways of God will spill onto the Earth through you, and you will bless all you encounter, for you know God, and God knows you.