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January 15, 2021



      Once the time of harvesting is over, and spring returns to the farm, the wise farmer does not plant the same crop, in the same field, repeatedly.  No, the new crop, to be planted in the new spring, will be planted in another field, which has had time to rest, and restore itself, while the old field does the same.  The old field has a season to rest, to absorb the rains from Heaven, to relax in the light of the sun, to draw nutrients, and nourishment, from the soil, surrounding it, and embracing what the animals and the birds do bring, waiting, and resting, to produce, from the plantings, and crops, of another spring.  You are as the field.  That which you produce will be more vibrant, and filled with life, if you take a season to rest, absorbing the rain, delighting in the sun, and drawing nourishment, and nutrients, from all around you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When a farmer does not have another field, so that he might use that other field, to plant a crop, thus giving this old field a chance to renew itself, the farmer turns the soil, and spreads fertilizer, and nutrients, so that the field will be rejuvenated.  And he turns the soil, and treats the Earth, with great care, and tenderness, preparing it to receive the seeds, and the plants, in the spring.  And often, this turning of the soil does not begin at the springtime, it is done in the winter, when much of the Earth is bare; and there, you will find the farmer, turning the soil, making ready to prepare.  You are much like that garden.  That which you produce, that which comes from you, will begin to diminish, in that which it can provide for others, for your family, for you, if you do not renew, and rejuvenate, the soil, that is you: turning the soil, receiving the rains of Heaven, resting in The Light of the Son, drawing nutrients from all that God has put around you, so that you might be whole, and strong.  Be still, and reflect, on the field.  Be quiet, and ponder rest, rejuvenation.  You are the field, prepare to receive the seed.