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January 16, 2021



      Bring your concerns to Me, in prayer.  Bring your concerns to Me, while you are still, and quiet, just sitting there.  Mark off the time, in every day, to come to Me, and I will teach you The Way.  Every question, you have, shall be answered.  Every concern, every issue, will be resolved.  And, as we draw together, closer, and closer, together, you will begin to see the wisdom, in the challenges that come to thee.  And soon, you will acknowledge, that you have grown in strength, and courage, and faith: with every challenge, that is met; with every obstacle, that is moved; with every mountain, you have climbed; with every valley, you have crossed.  And, I AM with you, all The Way.  Through every day, I AM with you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you set yourself aside, quietly, to speak with God, to pray, and ask of God, your requests are always answered.  Take that answer, that is given unto you, and follow the guidance, held within the answer.  Do not try to embellish the answer, to make it resemble that which you hoped you would hear.  Do not diminish, or take away from, the answer, so that is more familiar to your way.  Take the answer, and follow, exactly, as it directs you.  In this way, you will walk with confidence, knowing God has touched your question, with a Divine Answer, especially for you, so that you might do, that which you are meant to do, with confidence.