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January 17, 2020



   When you are tempted to think of yourself as insignificant in comparison to the multitudes around you, I want you to: Consider an individual snowflake.  No matter how small the snowflake might be it is unique in its structure and its beauty, and the way it catches the light, and celebrates all the way from the heavens to the Earth; Consider a solitary piece of sand.  This solitary granule of sand is uniquely beautiful and reflects the glory of each grain of sand around it.  It is part of the whole, it is a piece of the entire beach, or the ocean floor, or the desert, and it is special in its own right; Look at the miniscule wildflower, on the floor of a forest.  If you use a magnifying glass you will see that, that minute flower has every piece that the larger might show.  It is unique and beautiful in its smallness.  You are the same.  In the sea of the population of all of Earth, you are just as unique as a grain of sand, as an individual snowflake, as a minute flower on the forest floor.  You are special.  You I adore.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Believe in your unique ability to fit a space in the eternal picture, The Divine Plan, God’s Kingdom; for, as grand as The Kingdom of God is, and will always be, you are there, too.  You are a piece of eternity.