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January 17, 2021



      “I AM with you.  I AM truly with you.  And if you are still, and listen, you will feel the air around you, as it is charged, with My energy, as I AM present, with you.  This communication is vital, to make sure that you remain at peace, in faith, with courage, and strength, to go forward, to complete your mission.                                          


      “Often, during your lifetime, there are periods, where you feel unworthy.  It might be that you feel unworthy of another person’s love, or affection, or attention, but that is not what I wish to address.  I wish to address the times, when you feel unworthy for the love, affection, and attention, of God, The Creator of All Things.  And, I feel, if there is any being, more fit, to discuss this with you, I cannot fathom who it might be, because, you see, I was sent, from God, The Creator of All things, to make the journey to Earth: to show The Way; to be The Light; to deliver The Message of Love; to reach-out, and call those, who are lost, in such a way, that My Light would give them courage, and hope.  And that courage, and hope, that came from The Light, would chase away all feelings of dismay, and doubt.  I did not just deliver The Message, I was guided: to be The Message; to be The Word; to live The Word; to be The Living Word of God, so that those of Earth would see, and know, and mostly know, that it is possible to be The Living Word of God, upon Earth, in everyday situations.  And, I might say, at this point, everyday situations (are) when it is needed most, because, if you are willing to be The Living Word of God, in everyday situations, when the trials, and the tribulations, and the challenges, come before you, you are already practiced, in the living of it.  Your spiritual muscles are strong, and you see, and you know, The Way, clearly, because of the practice, in everyday situations.

      “Do not run, and hide, if you feel unworthy.  I was sent to gather those, who felt lost, and alone, and rejected, and dejected.  I was not sent to Earth, to tell those, who had a daily practice, ‘You are doing a good job.’  That was not why I came to Earth.  I came to Earth: to show The Way; to tell you how you can live each day; and how you can live each day, in such a way, that you are connected with God, so, it becomes easier, and easier, to turn your head from temptations.  And I acknowledge, those temptations are all around you, sometimes, all over you.  But it is possible to be kind, no matter what is happening around you.  In fact, the more you practice this kindness, no matter what someone says, or does, to you, or about you, it becomes a robe.  This kindness not only permeates the air, and blesses others with it, it is a protection for you.  It wraps you in The Light.  Kindness is The Way.  Love is The Way.  In fact, Love is the only Way.  It is the only answer.  Let that be your message.  Let that be your life. 

      “Some of My examples were extreme.  But they were meant to be that way, to get the attention of those, who needed to hear, that which I was to say, and that which I was to do.  And this follows through, all The Way, to My passion, and death of My physical body.  And there, in the ultimate sacrifice, I looked down, and then My eyes went up, and I asked for forgiveness on all, because it was clear, they too were lost, did not know what they were doing.  Now, it might have appeared that they were in-charge, that their whips tore into My flesh, and they knew what they were doing.  It appeared to all, the hands of those, who were causing Me injury, and suffering, knew what they were doing, they were in-charge.  And, in the eyes of all watching, I appeared to be the weaker.  But that was not the case.  So, remember this, when you are quick to judgment of what is happening around you.  Ponder that, because sometimes the apparent victor is not, and sometimes the apparent sufferer, or victim, is not.  You must look, and see, with the eyes of your soul.

      “Your Gifts are already sealed upon you.  You were given these Gifts of The Holy Spirit to use, on your journey, over the Earth, for your lifetime upon Earth.  And I made the journey to Earth to not only bring the verbal, the oral, direction from God, to love one another, but I was to live it.  I was to live these words, so all could see it, and then rise-up, leaving those of Earth, better equipped, to make their way, until it was time for them to be called Home.  Now, just because you have the Gifts, and just because you have been shown The Way, does not make it any easier.  It changes the perspective, so that you know what you are to do, and you can master every situation.  And, no matter, how difficult it is, you will make it through, because God so loves you, that God will reach-out for you.  And, if you reject, and turn away, God, The Creator of All Things, will wait there, for you, until you return.”