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January 18, 2020



      Come to Me in your hour of need and I will wrap My love around you, and I will whisper, and your pain will diminish, and your hurt will dissolve, and your anguish will no longer haunt you.  Call upon Me, and I will help you; but, do not forget to come to Me on the ordinary days, when everything seems to be flowing as it is meant to be flowing, and all is just fine.  These are the days when I can speak to you, and you will know The Divine Way, because you will not be crying, you will not be hurting, you will not be calling-out like a lost lamb.  On the ordinary days come to Me, and sit with Me, and be still.  For, it is in these times when I will tell you that which you wish to know.  I will tell you that which I wish for you to know.  I will fill you with wisdom, and you will grow in it.  And, as you grow in The Wisdom of The Divine, those days that once did wound you, and haunt you, and bring you to your knees, no longer have a hold upon you, because of that which I taught you, during the ordinary of times.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       When caught in a dilemma of any size, of any proportion, the first thing, usually, is to call upon God for help.  During a disaster, during great illness, it seems easy and natural to call for help and speak The Name of God.  These times you are weakened by the ways of the world, and God comes and lifts you up.  Begin a practice of speaking with God when there is no dilemma, when there is no whirlwind or tornado, spinning around you.  Sit with God quietly when there is no petition upon your lips, and let God speak to you and prepare you, teaching you all you need to know, so that the ways of the world will not be so burdensome.  It is in the ordinary of times when you are filled with courage, and strength, and wisdom.