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January 18, 2021



      The morning light reveals dust and specks of this and that, resting on furniture, and floor, that you could not see before, before the coming of the light, when it was dark, when it was night.  But, as the light of day reveals, then you see, and you rise-up, and wipe the dust away, and sweep the floor clean.  And soon, the light of day reflects the glory, all around you.  This is why, I say to come, come draw closer to Me.  Sit with Me, and in The Light, the little specks, and spots, of debris, which hide within cracks and crevices, of your inner landscape, will be revealed.  And that is fine, that is okay, because, in The Light, you and I will wipe them away, sweep them away, until you are all clean, and brilliant, in The Glory of My light.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Oftentimes, you do not even know of a dusty place, or a corner of a room, which needs sweeping, until these things are revealed in the light.  And then, you go straight-away, to make it right, to dust the tabletop, to sweep the corner clean.  Allow The Light of God to flow into you, revealing that, which needs to be cleaned from you.  And then, as you stand in The Glory of God’s Light, you are brilliant, and shining, and clean.