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January 19, 2019


God SpeaksKnow, that
you are the master
of your destiny, of your life
upon the Earth, of the experience
of Earth.  Focus this day, on that which
comes your way;  and, with intention and
purpose, master  that  which comes to you;
for,   throughout the day,   you will be given
many  opportunities  to choose,  to use your
freewill to master.  If the opportunity comes
to you to choose anger, or compassion, or
understanding  be mindful  of what you
doing.  Every time you choose to
use the energy of anger, you not
only create the anger,
the anger
a part of you.
Whatever you create
becomes a part of you.
Therefore, “choose wisely,”
what you will do, throughout
this day which is set before you.
And The Holy Spirit says:  Rise-up,
and greet  the new day;  and,  do so
with purpose,  and intention,  know-
ing this is  your opportunity  to create
the way  you live,  to create,  your Earth
experience.   It  is  not  the time  to blame
others for that which you experience.  Rise-
up, the experience is your creation, master it.