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January 19, 2020


      When your days seem long, and the nights even longer, because your faith has been dashed in a tempest of mistrust, broken beliefs, disasters of all types, pain, sadness, and sorrow, then I will say to you, “Be still, My child, and come.”  As a good parent sees a distraught child, tossing in worry and fear, picks them up, and draws them near, so I too see you are distraught, anxious, worried, and I AM here.  Sit so that My light will become your wisdom.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       As you make the journey upon Earth often you cross choppy seas, tempests rise-up and threaten to drown you, or pound you to your knees.  In these times, the best thing you can do, the safest harbor you can find is The Lap of God.  You cannot reason doubt away.  You cannot demand that the crisis dissolve.  You cannot read your way out when it is dark all around you; but, you can be wrapped in The Love of God and use The Light of God to bring you Home.