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January 19, 2020



      “I AM with you.  I AM walking with you.  You cannot see Me, but I AM with you, and while you cannot see Me, you most assuredly can feel My presence with you, when you are alone, and quiet, and still.  When you are walking on a city street, and there are people passing-by, some bumping into you, conversations rising and falling, blasts from traffic moving by you, sounds of airplanes flying above you, it is difficult to hear Me, walking so near you, because of the distractions of the day.  It can also be difficult to hear Me in your own home, when you are alone, with the sounds of vacuum cleaners, and children knocking on the door to come in, and televisions blasting the news, and music playing in your ears so that you cannot hear what is going -on around you.  This too is the same, distractions have pushed Me away.  You cannot hear Me, but I AM with you.  The remedy is to find a quiet place, and be still, and let that sanctuary become real, and I will be with you in a most profound way, because many of you are seeking sanctuary today.                                                               


      “Today, I want to speak to those of you who are in crisis mode.  Things that you have been taught are being picked-up, as in a tornado or a cyclone, scattered here and there, and when they leave the air and fall back to Earth, they are no longer in places they were before.  That which you have been taught is scattered to the winds.  I wish to talk to those of you who are caught in doubt, or perhaps anger, at situations which are swirling around you, some brought not on your own fault, not on your own doing, but just because they have come to you, and are now yours to master.  I speak to those of you who feel you are in darkness today, or at least shadow.  And, these pieces of darkness and shadow are cloaking your heart, making it difficult to laugh or sing.  These things I wish to speak to you about, today.  If you find yourself in any one of these situations, or another situation which is near to these descriptions, be still.  Lean toward Me so that you might hear, so that your ears are not caught to distraction, but the words fall upon them, and you know they are true.  In times of doubt it is often impossible to reason the doubt away.  Therefore, the best thing you can do is to be still.  Being still is even better than calling-on God and speaking the litany of things that are distressing you, or confounding you, or bringing doubt to you, things that are wounding you, or hurting you, or seem as if they are causing sadness to take-up dwelling within you.  God knows your heart, therefore be still so that you might hear what God wants you to hear, so that you might use these times of darkness and shadow to enlighten, and it is possible through God.  As you lose what seems to be your last thread of faith, sit down with it, and wait to see what God tells you, because what God will say to you, in difficult times, will be exactly right for you.  This is individual guidance from God, personal revelation from God, and God will not lead you astray.  God will lead you through the darkness into the light of a new day.

      “When you are caught in these times, it does not mean that what you have been taught before was wrong, and that you have wasted all those years, believing something that was not true.  It means that it is time for you to transcend what you have been taught so that God might embellish your life with wisdom beyond what you could have been taught, because it is wisdom of God, from The Kingdom of God.  And, because it is so, it will lead you, and be with you no matter where you go, and it will fit every situation, and every circumstance, without fail.  You will be wiser, you will become, through this process, an enlightened being.

      “Just to give you an example, let us say you are a doctor, and you have been trained.  You have been trained very carefully on procedure, and how to follow a process, and take care of your patients, and bring them from illness or sickness to health again; or, if you cannot do this, at least give them a way to live with what has come to them, which sometimes means walking with a cane, or the use of a wheelchair.  Let us say that a doctor has come upon a scene where someone is in great pain, and the pain is not ceasing because they are screaming, and moving from side to side; and, there seems no relief in sight, and nothing that has been taught, which will come to mind, relieves the pain.  Then, through what seems to be intuition, the doctor proceeds.  The process is totally ‘out of the box,’ not what was taught.  But, midway through this process, the pain is alleviated, and the person is free.  The doctor seems to be a hero for a moment or two, and he is thanked for what he did do.  This does not mean the past training was wrong.  The past training, in general, works well.  But, when you encounter a situation that is not usual, then you must go beyond, and that is what the doctor did.  The doctor did transcend the teaching of the past to do what he was led to do in a moment of concern for another, and it brought that person from pain and fear to calm and rest.

      “This situation can be applied to those of you, who are having dark times, when institutions in which you placed your trust have apparently let you down, and you feel as if a rug has been pulled-out from under you as you tumble to the ground.  God is your way out, and the answers will come.  It does not mean you must curse the past, it means you must open at last to the revelation of God.  It means you will rise above what is the usual, and find the unusual in The Hand of God, and The Light of God will bring you wisdom where there once was frustration, light where there was once darkness and shadow, understanding where there was once confusion, joy there was once consternation.”