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January 19, 2021


      As you live your life upon the Earth, you will find much joy, in the things of Earth.  You will enjoy, quenching your thirst with water.  You will enjoy, satisfying your hunger with the fruits and the vegetables of Earth.  You will enjoy, walking in sunshine, and watching the gentle rains of spring, as they fall.  You will sing, a song of joy, because your thirst has been quenched, your hunger sated, your face warmed in the sunshine, and touched by the rain.  When you drink of the waters of Earth, and eat of the foods of Earth, you are satisfied, for a while.  Soon, thirst returns, and hunger returns.  You long for the sun, when there is rain, and you long for the rain, when there is sun.  Nothing is lasting.  You will find permanent peace, within My Light.  Your thirst will be quenched, within My Love.  Your hunger will be no more, within My Peace.  I will be your Sun, and I will be your Rain, and I will be your Moon, and I will be your Stars, and that, which comes from Me, to you, will sustain you, eternally.  All you need do is to come, and stand in My Light: and your thoughts, will be of My Light; your words, and your deeds, will be of My Light; you, will be of My Light.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       While you are upon the Earth, it is good to enjoy the things of Earth.  It is good to taste of the water.  It is good to eat of the food.  It is good to walk in sunshine, and bless, the rains that do fall.  All of these things are good.  But, when you stand in The Light of God, all you do is good.  All you think, all you say, is good, because The Light of God reveals, all things, all truth, all good.  When you stand, within The Light of God, the good, of all things, is within you.