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January 2, 2019



      Imagine yourself as a stately tree, standing in a winter environment, branches bare, showing strength in some, displaying weakness in others which are broken, dangling, or perhaps fallen.  See that tree, and see the beauty in that bare tree, exposed for all to see the limbs, as they are, at the present moment, living.  You are as that tree.  When you are stripped of all the finery, you stand exposed, limbs as they are, whether they are strong and mighty, or broken and twisted.  There is a magnificence in you as there is in that bare tree.  Stand tall, extend your branches, your arms, your legs, your neck.  Stand tall as the mighty tree, because you are perfect just as you are.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you see the tree of winter begin to bud in the spring, you are seeing the beginning of the gifts the tree will bring to Earth.  When you see the unfolding of the buds, when you see the flowers, on the fruit trees and the nut trees, you see life.  When you watch the leaves appear, you see glory.  The tree is bringing to Earth all that is within it, showing the glory that it is.  And, once it is all displayed, and the delivery of that which it holds within is complete, the tree sighs, and each leaf dies, and is carried upon The Wind, and the magnificent tree is still, resting, preparing to begin again.  You are the tree.  Rest so that you might begin again.