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January 2, 2019




God SpeaksWhen in the pursuit of noble endeavors
you find you have fallen short of the goal,
of completion, do not judge yourself harshly.
Go directly to the heart, and there you will see
the seed of nobility, glowing and growing; for,
that which is written  upon your heart  is The
nowing.  And The Holy Spirit says:  Keep
your thoughts, and your words, and
your deeds, as pure as you can,
as pure as possible!  Chase
away all temptations
into shadow,
and then
in the
glory of
your thoughts
of  noble  deeds,  and
go forward.  If you stumble,
rise-up;  for,  you are the glory
that  you create in your thoughts.
Rise-up for the glory is in the rising;
the glory is in the thoughts of noble
words, and noble deeds!   Rise-up!