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January 2, 2021



     There are none so blind as those who will not see.  There are none so heavily burdened as those who will not forgive.  That which you forgive no longer lives within thee.  Within the sacred act of forgiveness, you are washed clean, you are set free.  That, which you will not forgive, lives within you, remains within you, as a burden, denying you rest and peace, casting a shadow over all that you do, until it is forgiven.  Come, sit with Me, and we will begin the forgiveness of all that is burdening thee, so you might be free.  Come, practice forgiveness with Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Forgiveness is a process by which you are freed of a burden you no longer need carry.  Forgiveness is a practice through which you restore The Light of God, to spaces, once plagued with darkness and shadow.  Even when the first sip of forgiveness tastes bitter, every drop, within the cup, grows sweeter, with each pronouncement of forgiveness.  Soon, you seek the cup, to drink of the nectar of forgiveness, so that all things are forgiven, so that you are at peace.


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