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January 20, 2020



      You will come to know Me better, our relationship will be deeper, when we begin in quiet, when you are still, when there is no movement, when I AM reaching to touch you, and you are reaching to embrace Me.  In that miraculous moment we touch, and know, and love, for it is in the quiet, in silence that you can hear a snowflake falling, that you can hear the stream moving, that you can feel the air around you touching your skin.  It is in this state that you are living, living more, and experiencing more, than when you are moving, and running, and talking with others.  For, in this state you are one with all around you, and we are in communion.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       These sacred times, when you sit in silence with God, fill you with courage and strength, and fuel you, so that you might go out into the world and do good deeds, and bless those you encounter, and send songs of sweet gratitude into the world around you, because you are filled with gratitude for the love that God has given unto you.  And, it is because of the love, that comes from God, that goes and flows into you, that you are able to love others around you.  When you love it is God’s love, flowing through you to another.