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January 20, 2021



      You cannot establish peace, in the world around you, until My Peace dwells within you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When The Peace of God dwells within you, it flows from you, and reveals itself in the world around you.  And that is real peace.  When you are at peace, within, all things around you receive The Gift of Peace, as well.  It is a natural process.  It is an eternal process.  It is a peaceful process.  When one attempts to force peace, when one attempts to manipulate an atmosphere, so that it resembles peace, then it becomes a forced peace, a controlled peace, which is not an authentic peace.  It is a peace, of the intellect, the brain.  True peace will come from the spirit of you, from within you.  And there will be no need to force, or order, or manipulate, or control, because it will just flow from you, from the source within you, and that peace will be true peace.  The Peace of God, that flows to you, will flow from you, and reveal itself to the world around you.  The Peace of God will reveal itself to the world, and it will be compelling, calling all to rest in The Peace of God.


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