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January 21, 2020



      Trust that which is written upon your heart.  Believe My Whisper within you.  For, if you are not led from within, then you will most assuredly find you are lost, or, at the very best, delayed often, for the ways of the world can be fickle, the ways of the world can be one-sided.  Set your course, and rely on The Compass within you, for I will not fail you.  If you are led to do something, which most of the world says cannot be done, then you must realize, My Child, that it could very well be you who will show The Way, that without your faith, to follow The Voice within, the world will continue to “be right” for a while, until the day comes when another hears The Whisper, and is stirred from within to rise-up and do that which has been impossible for men.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       If it is upon your heart to do it, it shall be done.  If not by you then another will come, and the same words will be written upon their heart, and The Whisper from within will lead them forward where no one else has been.  No one knows who will be the first to bring the message, to complete the task, but if it is on your heart, if The Whisper is within, then it is you.  It is you.