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January 21, 2021



      When The Wind calls to you, and stirs you, so that you rise-up, from your complacency, do not hesitate to continue the rise.  For when you are summoned, by The Wind, it has already been established that you are prepared.  The Wind is calling.  It is time.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is possible for Me to know you, each of you, better than you know yourselves, because I AM within you, aware of those subtle stirrings, within you, that often, you tap down, or push back, into the recesses of your heart.  You ignore the call.  But when I know, you are prepared, I will summon you, and prompt you to rise, and when you do, you will be surprised at what is accomplished, through you, because, from within you, I knew, it was your time to rise.