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January 22, 2020



      When you want to teach a child how to color, you do not tell the child how to color, describing the process and all the options and choices of color and paper, lines and abstract, you show the child how to color.  And soon, the child is coloring.  And the same applies to teaching a child how read, and dance, and sing, and put on their clothing, and look both ways before they cross the street.  You show them how to do these things, guiding them along the way.  And when it is time, you show the child how to live, and soon they are living a most beautiful life.  This is why I sent your Brother to show you how to live, to show you what to say, and how to do it.  You have The Living Example, showing you The Way, rise-up and follow.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Sometimes, when someone is trying to tell you how to do something, the words, and the options, and the directions get twisted, and you cannot remember what was first or last, or what made-up the entire middle process.  But, if they will walk you through it, and show you how to break the eggs, and add the milk to the flour.  Soon, you are doing it, and doing it with confidence, because you have been shown the way.  So, today you have an opportunity, you have been shown The Way, therefore rise-up and live, with confidence.