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January 22, 2021



      Before you begin this day, before you head-out to work, or play, go out, and stand.  Stand in the rain, or in the sun.  Look-up to the sky, or down to the grass, upon which you stand, and then, breathe-in, because, in that space: you are standing, with the sun; you feel the rain; you see the flower; you feel the grass; you breathe the air.  And, in that moment, you are acknowledging My creation.  You are My creation.  Do not remove yourself: from the brilliance of the sun; from the sustaining properties of the rain; from the lush green grass, or the flowers on the plain.  Do not separate yourself, any longer, but stand in creation, and be one.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Be one with Me, and then you will see the greatness that you are.  And, when you see the glory, shining, all around thee, you will acknowledge, you are as brilliant as the star.  And, when you accept this sacred position, knowing from whence you came, your life, upon the Earth, will never be the same.