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January 23, 2019

God SpeaksNavigating
the spiritual path
is similar to navigating
the physical path, the world.
There are many things that seem
impossible to do, until someone proves
them possible, and then they become pos-
sible to do.  There was a time, long ago, when
humans would watch the birds of the air, fly-
ing here and there, wish they could fly, but
believed it was impossible to do, until
someone proved it possible,
then flying in the air
became possible to do.
Even In the physical world:
when you seek, that which you seek,
earnestly, you will find; the door on which
you knock, will be opened to you; for those who
lieve, the impossible is always possible.  And The
Holy Spirit says: Do not stand still repeating to yourself
that something is impossible to do.  If you wish to fly to
the moon, and believe it is possible, then it is possible.
If you wish to reach millions of people, with a writ-
ten word, a story, or a song, and believe it to
be possible, it is possible.  If you be-
lieve you can speak with God,
and God will answer you,
it is possible.  If you
believe the words that
you can do everything Jesus did,
then it is possible; and, if you believe
that I will lead you into all truth, it is pos-
sible.  Faith makes the impossible, possible!