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January 23, 2020


      I will tell you a story.  The story is rich and full.  The central figure of the story faces many challenges, sometimes encounters sadness, difficulty, extravagance, lack, tears, and cheers.  Sometimes the obstacles, that you will hear about, seem immovable, but the star of the story is able to overcome, sometimes in outright glory, sometimes stooped by the burden and the weight of the rock they must move to continue their journey.  Oh, My child, it is a grand story, and it has everything which will keep you riveted, on the edge of your seat.  And, just when you think all is well, something will happen, but it will be the telling of the true character of this central figure.  And then, when you think there can be no more, the light can be seen, through the crack of a door, and a whisper will come through, at the very end, and say, “ It is time to come Home.  Tell Me where you have been.”  My child, the story is the story of you, and it contains everything you think, and say, and do as you make your travels upon the Earth.  So, heads-up, let the laughter roll from your tongue, and tickle all around you with delight, for the story does not end in the dark of the night, it ends with a whisper, calling you Home.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Can you imagine how life upon the Earth would be, if you knew that it just does not end?  All the adventures keep coming, and you never know what is around the bend, but you know, at the core of your being, it will all be fine, it will all be right, and you get to play from morning until night, forever.  This concept might be difficult to grasp, but it is true, it is forever that you will last, and you will see night and you will see day, and you will see work and you will see play.  But, what will count, at the end of the day, is your gift to God through what you did think, and do, and say.