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January 23, 2021



      Do not be afraid to do that which you were created to do.  Do not ignore that longing, that desire, that has been placed upon your heart, with the song of your soul, and spirit.  If you will be still, that longing will speak to you.  Do not push it down, or ignore it, because you think you cannot do it, there is no way to do it, the means are not available, to you, to do it.  If that desire is upon your heart, there is a way, it can be done, the means to do it shall be yours.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Many times, during a week, you will encounter someone, who, when they speak, their tone, the sound of their voice, changes, when they talk about a dream, something they wish they could do.  You sense the longing, and the desire.  These dreams, these desires, these longings, are stirrings, signs, to move you to rise-up and do, that which you are meant to do.  And if you will begin to look around you, you will see many things come to you, and they would make it possible for you to do.  But you do not see them.  You ignore them.  That which is upon your heart, that desire, that longing, can be done by you.  Look around, and see all that is coming to you, to make that dream come true.  For the dreams, the longings, the desires, that are within you, are meant for you to do.