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January 24, 2020


      If today you feel alone, saddened, burdened, guilty, frustrated, or any of these things, or similar feelings, be still.  Go within.  Walk the corridors, that is where it begins, the corridors of your inner self, and you will come to that door.  You will come to the door where behind you will find Me waiting for you in the chamber meant for us two.  And, we will sit together, and I will speak to you, reminding you of who you are.  I will not put you down or push you away.  I will not say to you: you should have done this; or, you should have done that; or, because you did this, or because you did that, you find yourself in this place of despair.  No, child, I will not say that as we sit there.  I will remind you that you are My child.  I will remind you that you are a being of eternity.  I will remind you that your light rivals the brightest star.  I will remind you of the powerful being you are.  And then, we will talk of love, and I will fill you with it; and then, we will talk of light, and I will restore you with it; and then, we will talk of forgiveness, and you will sit with it.  I forgive you, you forgive others, and slowly, while you remember who you are, and the powerful gifts you hold within you, your shoulders will rise, your breath will be deep and long, and soon you will be ready to walk amongst those who told you how wrong you were.  But this time, you will walk with confidence, their words will hold no meaning like the words we spoke during that sacred meeting.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not hesitate to withdraw from the ways of the world to meet The Creator of All Things, within you because: this is where you are restored, within; this is where you are made whole, from within; this is where you meet your God, from within.  Until the day you pass back through the veil, and go Home, the place to meet God is within.