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January 24, 2021



      You were with Me, before you were born, onto the Earth, and you will be with Me, after your life, upon Earth.  Do not squander time upon Earth.  Do not treat life, upon Earth, lightly, as if it is not as important as that, which is to come.  Treat life, upon Earth, as a sacred piece of your eternal life, and live it that way, with the comprehension that this is eternity.  Understand, today, that life on Earth is a portion of your eternal life, a share of your eternal life; and what you do, during this portion, of your eternal life, has great meaning.  Share the meaning of life, eternally.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You will not return Home with cars, and jewels.  Right now, during this present piece of eternity, you have the ability to create treasures, which you can carry into eternity.  Waste not your time upon Earth, placing great value on that which will soon return to dust.  Create that, which will be of great value, eternally, will be cherished, eternally.  Create: love, light, peace, joy, thanksgiving, gratitude, compassion, understanding, charity, benevolence, forgiveness.  But, most important, create love, for love is the wellspring of The Treasures of The Kingdom of God.