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January 24, 2021



      “I AM with you.  I AM truly with you.  You might not see Me, with your physical eyes, but you can feel My Presence with you, because I AM with you.  Be quiet.  Breathe.  As you breathe-in, and breathe-out, whisper My Name.  Let every breath send forth the call, spoken in a whisper, repeating, My name.  Soon, you will know I AM with you.  Do not put off for tomorrow, what can be done today.  Breathe.  Whisper.  Speak, My Name.                                          


      “Let the best be with you, now, because it is.  Every piece, of your eternal life, is the best.  And you can take the best, and make it even better, if you will live, the present, as if it is eternal, the real thing, a treasure, the best.

      “There is nothing more important than taking time to be still, and quiet.  For it is in the still, quiet times, when you hear the silence, speaking, summoning you, deeper, into a state of Communion with God, The Creator of All Things.  Do not be distracted, believing that what is happening, in the world around you, is the most important, most vital issue at hand.  It is not.  Walking into a bank is less important than walking into a forest.  Speaking with experts is less important than speaking with God’s Great Creation, all around you.  Trying to solve a difficult situation, with the help of friends, is less important than seeking answers, from The Holy Spirit, within.  Do not lose track of the truth that you are a being of spirit, first, and to remain in balance, with all that is around you, you must sustain a relationship with God.  You must speak with God.  You must remember, God is with you.

      “Live your everyday life, knowing it is a piece of your eternal life.  Do not put off for tomorrow, what can be done, today.  Do.  Live.  Live, with every fiber of your being, and store-up the experience of Earth.  The present is not a practice run.  It is not a dress rehearsal.  It is the real thing.  So, place your attention, and focus, on the real things, and do not be distracted.  The material will remain behind.  The spiritual will go with you, continuing into eternity.  Every choice you make, during every day of your life, is important.  Choose the things you would like to see emblazoned on your banner, heralded before your arrival.  Do not get stuck, in muck and mire, when you can walk on The Path of Angels.  Do not labor in dank dungeons, when you can climb The Mountain of God.  Do not guard your worldly wealth, forsaking The Eternal Treasures.  See today, and every day, henceforth, as the gift it is, placing great value on every minute, on every opportunity to create, for eternity.

      “Walk The Path of Angels, climb The Mountain of God, create Eternal Treasures, and sing-out with great joy, for eternity is with you, now.  Today is a piece of forever.  Today is a portion of eternity.  The best is with you, today.  Do not look away.  Do not delay.  Live this piece of your eternal life, today.”