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January 25, 2019






God SpeaksResist the temptation to remind others
of all the mistakes they have made.  Instead,
let My love pour through you,
onto them, frequent-
ly, all the time, if possible: and, speak to them: of the good
they have done, of the challenges they have faced, of their
of their gifts, of the beautiful smile upon their face.  And
as you follow this
guidance, you will see, that their strong points, their glorious points, their
gifts, their talents, begin to shine brighter, and brighter, and the sha
wy darkness, which they had faced, begins to diminish, and lose its
place, as they recover, and
rekindle My light, within them.
And The Holy Spirit says: Look, and see,
what a positive word,
or a smile, or a touch
can do for another today.
Let your touch be the kiss of God.