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January 25, 2020



      Before you left Heaven to travel to Earth your spirit was given gifts for you to use from the time of your birth upon the Earth until you returned Home.  Many of you know these gifts.  Some of you know your gifts.  Some of you use these gifts.  These gifts of The Holy Spirit were given so that your way upon the Earth might be easier, more fulfilling, rich, abundant.  It is time to recognize that it is possible to use your gifts of spirit to magnify and embellish your talents, the things you do upon the Earth with your body; for the good athlete, for the artist, for the parent, for anything you do, and show a good instinct for doing, can be magnified by using your spiritual gifts in parallel.  Today, let the gifts of The Holy Spirit you carry within flow into your talents, your accomplishments and see.  Look and see what you can do.  Let the world see the spiritual gifts within you, flowing through the talents that are yours.  Then, your accomplishments will ring of Heaven and Earth.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       You are of Heaven and you are of Earth, and you have a rare gift, an unusual opportunity to be the connector between Heaven and Earth.  You also have the opportunity to create a miraculous energy, that has never existed before, when you use the things of Earth and use the things of Heaven together.  Draw from Earth, draw from Heaven, mix these things, these energies, within you, and let them flow from you.  For, there has never been another you to mix the things of Heaven and Earth anew.