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January 25, 2021



      Every encounter you experience, throughout your day, is an opportunity.  Each person, who crosses your path, presents an opportunity, to delve deeper, into the experience, of your lifetime, upon Earth.  Do not dismiss anything.  That individual, who you meet, in the course of a day, might stay only a few minutes, before they walk away, while others tarry for longer, and while others stay.  They each present an opportunity, to know, to feel, the experience of life, upon Earth.  They bring you a message.  They make you wiser.  They have something to give you.  And you, have something to give them.  And these gifts, these encounters, these exchanges, are not solely for the encounter with another person.  Sometimes, that person, standing in front of you, is an angel, in disguise, sent to minister to you, sent to lead you, possibly even, tell you what to do.  Pay attention today, to all the different ways, to the kind encounters, as well as the difficult.  Pay attention, and watch, and listen, and learn.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Your experience, upon Earth, will be more fulfilling, when you treat every encounter, each individual, with respect, and kindness, and love.  But you know, finding wisdom, learning lessons, permitting yourself to be ministered to, is not only for those individuals that might bump into you, or cross your path, throughout the day.  You can learn from the river, if you tarry long enough, if you stay.  Sit on the bank, and listen, and see, what the river has to say.  Lessons can be gained from rocks, and meadows, and mountains, and leaves, on the tree.  Do not forget the beautiful pieces of each day, that are calling-out for your attention, in so many ways, but you turn your head, and walk away.  Today, stay a while, and see, what the day will bring to thee.