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January 26, 2020


      “I AM with you.  When you believe this, it is a source of comfort to you.  When you are trained in believing this, through practice, it becomes a part of you and you know I AM with you, just as you know a friend, who is not near to you, supports you, and all your endeavors, and the things that you wish to do, even when they live in another city, far away from you.  It is easier to understand this support and love, when you place it in a human being form, than it is when you are speaking to Me, in the realm of the unseen.  But, I assure you, I do not remain unseen all the time, and when your belief reaches the plateau where you believe, to the degree that I walk into your life and you see Me, as you watch things unfolding around you, in a miraculous way.  Then, you take understanding to a different level, and realize it is not required to see, but to know, and to accept, so you might grow, and move into The Eternal River, The Ever-going Procession of Eternity.  It moves, it continues, and it is very exciting.                                                                  


      “Seen versus the unseen, the unseen does not mean that you cannot see it, the unseen is not observed easily, but when the light is just right the unseen is revealed, maybe in a flash, perhaps for an hour or two, but it is important that the light hold it in such a way that you have time to observe it.  Your human body functions in a way that requires faith for you to see the unseen, but you can partially explain it, even to a child, when you encounter a column of insects, which you did not even know was present, or anywhere near you, until the light of the sun caught it, at just the right time, when you could see thousands of insects in column climb to the sky.  But it was not there, for you, until the light made it true, and the unseen became the seen right before you.  This is how it works.  If everything around you is flowing, effortlessly, living and growing, it is only ego that creates within you the idea that you are not part of it.  Somehow you are special, set aside.  You walk through the park, but you do not consider yourself a part of the park.  You swim in the ocean, but rarely believe you are part of the ocean, at that moment.  You would concede that the fish are part of the ocean environment, but you would not consider yourself a part of the ocean environment, because you believe you are special and set aside.  If you sit with this thought for a while, your perspective will be altered, ever so slightly, and you will begin to see that as you walk through the park, you are part of the park.  You walk into that environment, and there you are.

      “Many of you will place objects along the way to follow this thought completely through, but I can assure you it is true.  And, many of you will say, ‘Well, that is a very good thought for a day when you have nothing to do, but what about a project?  You cannot just walk through the day when you have a project which has a deadline, which must be met.’  ‘And, that is a good question,’ I would say.  But still, the day will unfold, as it is meant to unfold, and the project which holds such importance, if it is meant to be, it will become a part of that day, through you, because you will create it to be so; and, that is what you will do, and that is how you contribute to the continuing of creation.

      “Putting a period at the end of that sentence does not put a period to the end of the questions that these statements bring forth in your thoughts.  Yes, you must be prepared, but preparation does not mean worry and fretting, fear and doubt.  Preparation means: when it is time to go to school to study, go to school and study; when it is time to get-up and go to work, get-up and go to work; when it is time to take care of your body so that it can respond, quickly and efficiently, to the control center, to what you desire it to do, then take care of your body; eat the right foods, exercise, laugh, dance, be happy.  Make preparation, waiting for the time, when you are called to step upon the stage, and play your role, a role that is significant as time unfolds into eternity, all eternity.  Be prepared.  Do not worry.  When you are prepared, no matter how it unfolds, your role will bring you forth, and you will do your part.  You will create what is meant to be, and you will bring it into the dimension where you exist; and, in doing so, you have played the role you are meant to play.  Preparation, opening to the possibility that you are one with the park, and the pool, and the ocean, and the desert, and the woods, and the rivers.  Consider that it is not magic, it is miraculous.  Consider it is not coincidence, it is the ways of God.  Consider that, no matter how much you worry and fret, it will be.  Take these few words into the day with thee, and know I AM with you.”