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January 26, 2021


      Be mindful of that, which you are creating, for all creations begin within your thoughts.  Be mindful of your thoughts.  Do not throw open the door, to your inner chamber, and welcome the spirits of deceit, or anger, or prejudice, or envy, or other such spirits, because these energies will taint and soil the hallways of your inner being.  They will occupy your time.  And while these unclean spirits are within you, and you are listening to what they are saying, all that you do is tainted, a bit, by the energies within you, the thoughts within you.  You have an opportunity to impact, not only your wellbeing, but all those around you.  Accept the opportunity, and set aside time, today, to mindfully create peace.  And, as you create this peace, in quiet, it will move within you, and flow from you, blessing all around you.  And take some time to create compassion, for it will do the same.  You can create great light, today.  Be mindful of that which you are creating.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Today, you have the opportunity to bless the Earth, or curse the Earth.  Do not blindly follow those, who are angry, who entertain hate.  Watch what you are thinking.  Be mindful of what you are accepting.  Be still, and begin to create, within your being, these energies of great light, because that is what you will become.  Whatever you create is within you.  And it does not remain, solely, within you, it flows from you, because it is spirit, a spirit creation.  You have a choice to make, today, probably every minute, or so, along The Way.  Be mindful.  Chase away any temptations into darkness.  Refuse to go there.  Do not give-up your creative powers to the dark side.  Insist on creating for The Light.  As you do so, you will be blessing yourself.  As you do so, you will be blessing the Earth.  As you do so, you will be so.