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January 27, 2019


Sunday Sermons
January 27, 2019
On Earth
Must Come
Through You



          “I AM with you.  I AM with each of you!  It is gloriously possible, because we are one; and, once you pass, back through the veil, and return Home, what seems a mystery, while you are upon Earth, will be illuminated and you will remember, how this is possible, how basic it is: the connection, the roots, the one!   


“Everything upon the Earth would seem a bit disjoined, (disjointed,) if every individual upon the Earth was a farmer; for, while the farmer is a very important position to hold: you need builders; you need those who can teach; you need those amongst you who will stand-up and share their unique gifts.  You come together as one, one celebrating the unique abilities of the individual.

“It is possible to be one, and be different, be unique, be authentic.  You have one physical body, it operates as your body, yet: your toes do not see as your eyes; and your fingers do not hear as your ears; your ears cannot grasp the hand of another; and, your eyes cannot move you from one place to another; individual pieces of the body, functioning as they are meant to function, contributing to the one.  Look at your physical body.  Look at the pieces and parts. Your elbows do not rise-up in dissention when your back is being rubbed and massaged, because the rubbing of the back, the massaging of the back, is relaxing the whole.  Your body, your physical body, is one of the best examples ~ of individual pieces of the one; ~ and, in the example of your physical body, the one is you.  When one piece of your body is injured, or not operating as it is meant to operate, it impacts the entire body; and, the entire body does not return into oneness, to wholeness, to health, until that particular area is healed; and, when it is healed, it is made whole, with the entire physical body.  Your .physical body would be a good example when you are thinking about the situation of the world in which you live.

“When you go out into the world created by man: let your thoughts be one; let the words you speak be as the light of God, illuminating the one; let the deeds you do, contribute to the peace, and the wellbeing, of the one; for, there will be those who will tell you ~ that you must choose ~ to fight this battle or that battle, when, all the while, when the light of God would illuminate each position, each stance, ultimately, you would see, there is no need for battle, at all.  Find the source, find the one.  Do not spend your days thinking-up ways, that one side might win, defeat the other.  Spend your days ~ opening to the light of God, ~ so that all might be illuminated, and The Way made clear.  Peace ~ is always possible, ~ if it is peace that is on the heart of all interested parties.  I will say that again.  Peace ~ is always possible, ~ when it is peace, on the heart, of all interested parties!

Ego can cause disruption, in the power of God, flowing upon the Earth.  If you can imagine, if you can see, with your eyes closed, a massive tent, under which all people gather, and in this seeing, or imagining, see the people happy and content, until something happens that separates the people.  Let us say, the way they look, the set of their eyes, the thrust of their chin, the color of their hair, the clothes they wear; and soon, these individuals, who are different from the rest, are pushed out from under the massive tent, and form a tent of their own.  And if you can see this multiplying over, and over, and over again, until all those who appear, whether it is by the words they say, or the way they think, or what they do,( they appear) to be alike, are soon gathering under tents which are smaller and smaller: individual tents where there had been one.  Once the division begins, there is no end to it, and those who found safety in numbers, soon find they are pushed from the tent as well, because once you give a place to ego, then ego begins to take its place!

“It is true that once you turn from God and decide that you can make your way on your, using your talents, to establish your position, ego is vital.  You must incorporate ego, so that you stand strong, against all comers, so that you can hold your stance, hold your position.  But taking this perspective, you find that: you are isolated, even amongst those you consider friends, acquaintances, and even family; there is this isolation, that you must hold your own, and be strong.  I tell you, you will enjoy days of peace, the very second: you drop the defense, resist the call of ego, and open your heart to the possibility, that the presence of God is with you, and each one, surrounding you!

          “Sometimes you can cover the presence of God: by being contentious, argumentative, making it very important for others to know, or believe, that you are right, and another is wrong; you can pile these things one on top of another, until you can no longer hear the song of God, The Whisper, the sweet words; but I promise you this, there will rise-up, from amongst you, those who will speak, and their words will be sweet, and different!  The light that comes from them will illuminate all!  It will chase the shadows and darkness away; and, the words they say will not separate one group from the other, but will be of common ground, of the goodness of every woman, man, and child, of the possibilities of Earth, filled with people whose intention it is to love one another, and be kind.  At first, you will see one or two, but then, as you look around, the numbers who are willing to stand-up, and give voice to The Whisper of God within them, will grow in number, and soon they will drown-out the voices of chaos, and confusion, and dissention, and Earth will begin to breathe, and relax; and, those standing, singing the song of God, will grow in number, until those w

ho inhabit the Earth, fill it with songs; and, the song of the Earth, will fill the heavens!  This is coming, because dissent

ion and unrest cannot last; if your heart is touched with peace, and you hear The Whisper of God within you, rise-up; for, even if you rise-up. alone, you shall not stand alone for long!