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January 27, 2020



      I wish for you to begin to know the untapped sacred resources which you hold within you, which have been within you all along.  When you come to know that which is within you, it will not be necessary for you to seek high and low for that which you carry, the wisdom that is yours.  For, when you are researching, and looking into history, and trying to find the reason or the facts which will go with the feeling that was in you, or is in you, you are looking at what has been, the old, the recognized.  But, My child, what if I want to send you something new?  What if I wish for you to tap into that resource you carry, and open the treasure that has been buried within you?  It will lie dormant until you say, “I will be still.  I will no longer search in the world created by man, I will be still, and take The Hand of My Father, My God, My Mother of Spirit, The Creator of All Things.” 

And The Holy Spirit says:

      Have you ever been looking or searching for your glasses, only to find that your glasses are perched atop your head, or you are wearing them, just as they are meant to be worn?  Have you ever searched for something that you have on your person?  This happens more frequently than you know.  You are searching, looking, seeking, for that which is with you, on you, in a pocket, in a purse, in your hand.  Today, be still and let Me guide you into the richness of The Plan for you.  It might hold some old, it might bring some new; but, if you will be still, I will show you what is meant uniquely for you.