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January 27, 2021



      The bird, of the air, does not struggle, and try to be a horse, running across a meadow.  No, the bird is content to be, and flies, through the air, and you look, and see, the glory in the wing, extended, and the flight.  The elephant, standing on the plain in Africa, does not long to be, or try to be, a fish, in the ocean.  No, the elephant is content to be.  And there, standing, in all its majesty, anyone looking, can see, the power, and the beauty, of the elephant, being that which it is meant to be.  Do not try to be anything other than who you are.  It might be difficult for you to embrace, and believe, this, but you are uniquely designed to be, who you are, so that you might do, that which you are meant to do.  And when you rise-up, knowing who you are, standing, for all to see, the majesty that is thee, you are fulfilling your purpose.  You are a shining example of My Glory, My Light, My Love I send to thee.  Be, who you are meant to be, and that is you, exactly as you are now.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is easy, when you look, up into the sky, and see the birds flying, the sun, shining on them, it is easy, to see The Glory of God, in each bird.  They fly so perfectly.  It is easy to see the majesty of God, when you see a massive animal, such as the elephant, moving across the plains, standing in the sun, and the rain, just being, all they are meant to be.  You are just as majestic as the elephant.  You are just as amazing, and marvelous, as the bird, in the air.  You cannot see it, because you do not fully understand, or embrace, it, because there, as you stand on Earth, you feel rather ordinary.  Today, see yourself as extraordinary, and be, that which you are meant to be, and you will be, all that you are meant to be.