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January 28, 2019


God SpeaksBe as the Earth
with the intention to live
while you are upon the Earth
to the fullest degree.  Do not hold
back.  Let all the glory  that  is  within
thee, spring forth from thee.  As the Earth
sends up a flower, through a crack in a side-
walk, let your joy spring forth, through the
most difficult of situations; be the flower,
growing from the sidewalk, so others
will see, and know, that life is
precious.  And The
Holy Spirit
It is
to walk by a flower,
growing-out-of a crack in a sidewalk,
and not smile.  Mother Earth always finds a way, to
continue life.  No matter what the human being does to her
she continues to spring forth with the glory, that is within her,
planted there at the time of all creation.  As you wonder,
at the
glory of Earth, remember this, child of God, you have the same
glory, within you!  So, when it seems as if all is sealed around
you, you will find the crack, and the flower will spring forth
from you, and others will see the determination to bring
forth life ~ and this revelation~  will come from you!