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January 28, 2021



      The real, the eternal, the sacred, is within.  Even your body, with its bones and skin, will fall from you, one day.  The cars, and the clothes, and the jewelry, will not last forever.  They will fade away.  But you last forever, the real you, the eternal you, the spirit that is you, is held, within the temporary temple of your body.  Your body is the temporal vessel, which holds your eternal spirit and soul.  Treat it so.  Look, in the mirror, and see the vessel.  When you look at your body, know, it is a temporal vessel, holding the sacred, eternal you.  If you will sit quietly, and absorb these words, internally, you will think of yourself in a different way.  You will understand, better, who you are.  You are an eternal spirit, residing, for a while, in a temporal vessel, which is your physical body.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Knowing, and embracing, the truth, that your physical body, is a temporal vessel, a temporary home, you begin to understand that you have everything twisted inside-out and upside-down.  Yes, by all means, place importance on your body.  But, let the importance you place on your body be, that it is the temporary temple, the vessel, which holds the eternal you.  And let this, knowing, become a part of you, so that you do not keep things inside-out.  The temporal vessel is your physical body, and that, which is sacred and eternal, that which is you, is held, within the temporal vessel.  Make the vessel worthy of the sacred gift within, for within the temporal vessel, there is eternal life.