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January 28, 2022


      When you thirst, for truth, I will quench your thirst.  When you hunger, for mercy, I will feed you, and you will hunger no more.  When you long, for comfort, and peace, I will wrap you, in My peace, and you will be comfortable, within My arm.  When you lack, whatever you lack, I will give you that, which is Mine, and that, which is Mine, will fulfil you; and you will live, in My Divine Grace: no longer thirsting, for truth, for it shall be yours; no longer will you hunger, for mercy, for it shall be yours.  All that you need, shall be yours.  Come to Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       To understand, better, The Ways of God, The Eternal Parent, all you need do, is look, at a good earthly parent, and you will have some idea of how much God loves you.  When a child asks a parent for something to drink, they are given something to drink.  When they are hungry, the parent feeds the child.  And when they are crying, the parent holds the child.  And when they are sick, the parent tends the child, and mends the child, whether it is broken bones, or a scratched knee, or a tender heart.  Imagine, if earthly parents can love, so intensely, how much your Eternal Parent loves you.  God’s love for you is boundless.  It is eternal.  Take some time, today, to sit in The Love of God, and feel the arms, of God, around you, then drink, and eat, and rest, in The Lap of God.