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January 29, 2019





God SpeaksAt the present time you are living in a world of illusion.
During the times you are closely connected, directly con
ed, with Me, illumination surrounds the illusion; there is light, and
you can see.  Once you see, and know, then it is no longer an illusion,
it is before you, you acknowledge it; but, you acknowledge it as the il-
lusion it is!  When it is time, and you are ready, you will be given the se-
crets, the keys and be told how to unlock the mystery of all these things.
And The Holy Spirit says:  When you go  and watch a magician perform
his magic act,  you sit in wonder;  but,  when the magician shows you
how to perform  the magic act,   you see how  it is done,  and  it is
longer magic.  When you see the mysteries of life, yet you
understand them, or comprehend them, it might
be slightly the same.  When God whispers
to you,
when God calls your name, be still,
and go quickly,
in answer to the call,
because God will tell you,
and you will see and understand,
as the mystery unfolds, before you, that
it is simply eternity playing-out, moving.
When you see, and know, all is explained.