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January 29, 2020



      Today, I wish to speak especially to those of you who feel rejected, lost, alone, dejected, to those of you who feel you are blamed for all bad, exclaimed for nothing good, that you are in a place where you feel as if no one hears you, no one cares.  Listen, and feel My arms slip around you, for I know your heart.  But, My child, if you allow your heart to grow darker, and darker still, you will feel totally lost and alone.  I AM here today to lift you up in a special way, and to let you know I do know your heart.  In fact, I recall your heart singing as you made your way toward Earth.  This is the experience for which you longed.  You asked for an Earth experience, and I will help you, your brother, Jesus, will help you, The Holy Spirit will lift you up and fly you to where you need to be.  So, today I ask one thing of thee, be still so you can hear Me.  I love you.  I have faith in you, because I know you

And The Holy Spirit says:

      When the time comes when those who feel lost begin to know the touch of God then the time has arrived for you to arise and go to others who feel alone and rejected just as once you did, because you have a story to tell, and you have a glory to share.  And, as you touch each one with the possibility of a full, glorious life, they too will rise-up, free of strife, touched by God through you.