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January 29, 2021



      When you make a mistake, when you drop the ball, say so.  And then, set about, to make things right: to pick-up the ball, and keep playing; or, to sweep-up the mess, and begin, anew; or, to fix that, which appears to be broken.  These are the things you can do.  Admit the error.  Admit the mistake.  Once you begin to practice this, your mistakes, your errors, your accidents do not own you.  Do not attempt to hide an accident.  Do not attempt to make a mistake a secret.  Let there be transparency, all around you, so that you are strong enough, to stand-up, and say, “I made that mistake, but I know I can fix it.  I understand that, now.”  “I dropped the ball, but I shall pick it up, and continue.”  This type of statement acknowledges an error, but also signals a commitment to continuing, to not giving-up, and certainly, not blaming others.  Accidents happen.  Mistakes are made.  But the accidents can make you stronger, if you will see the accident, acknowledge it, and continue along your way.  Mistakes are some of the biggest lessons, because you see how it happened, and you now have knowledge of it.  And celebrate!  You did not have this knowing, this knowledge, before the mistake.  You did not see the hole, before there was a misstep.  But now, you have knowledge of the hole, and you have knowledge of a lesson.  Do not let ego convince you, that you will be less, if you admit your mistake.  This is not true.  Attempting to hide something, only gives it power over you.  Today, admit the mistake.  Admit the accident.  It will get easier, and easier to do.  Do not give the accident, or the mistake, power over you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do everything out in the open.  A sure sign, that something needs to be checked, carefully, is when you are attempting to do something, in a secret way, in the dark, behind a closed door.  Let your life be transparent.  Let The Light of God shine into your life, so that all is illuminated, revealing to you, and to everyone else, who will look, and see, that accidents, and mistakes, are the possibility to learn, from a lesson.  Value the lesson.  Do not hide the lesson.  Do not hide the source of the lesson.  Stand in The Light of Illumination.  Let all, that you do, be transparent, so that others can see, and know, that, if you drop a ball, it is okay to pick it up, and go; that, if you make a mistake, it is okay to say, “I see what happened, now.  I can make this better.”  Living a transparent life, not only assists you, but it assists all those around you.  Look, and see, and know.