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January 3, 2021



      You can plant a very, small seed of hatred, and it will blossom, and grow, and reach-out, into the rest of your garden, threatening to take it over, to over-run your garden, with a thriving hatred.  You can plant a small seed of love, and it will grow, and thrive.  It will reach-out, and spread, throughout your garden.  And soon, the entire garden will be filled, to over-flowing, with the growths from the seed of love.  And the same will happen, when you plant a seed of meanness, or kindness.  They will thrive, and they will grow.  The difference is, what you are willing to plant, and to tend, and to allow to grow.  It is not a random choice, as you have been taught to believe.  It is a free will choice, you make, when you plant the seed.  It will take practice, and work, to reject the idea to plant a seed of hate, or mean-spiritedness, or greed, or envy, or anger, or doubt.  You must reject it.  You must participate, in the selection, of the seeds you plant, in your garden.  Make the choice, wisely.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is not easy.  You are correct.  It is difficult to reject seeds of shadow and darkness  But, if you will make the effort, if you will put forth the effort, to plant the seeds of kindness, and generosity, of compassion, and understanding, of love, then you will be greatly rewarded, even in this time.  You will eat from The Garden of Good.  You will feed others from your Garden of Good.  And it will all be worth the effort.