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January 3, 2021



      “I AM with you.  I reach-out to you.  I call your name.  I knock on the door, and you open.  It is the same, every time, because I AM with you.  I will not disappoint you.  I will not leave you alone, stranded in a sea of misery.  I AM with you.  I AM knocking.  Open the door.                                        


      “Your lifetime, upon Earth, is filled, to over-flowing, with opportunities, to make a choice.  Sometimes, the choices are small, and insignificant.  Other times, your choices have great impact upon you, upon others, upon all those around you.  Every choice you make, makes a difference.

      “When you encounter someone, who is filled with anger, and rage, it can be easy to follow suit, to walk into their energy, to meet anger with anger, and rage with rage.  But in the end, once all that energy is used-up, creating this darkness and shadow, of anger and rage, you are defeated within your own purpose of responding in kind, of reacting in kind.  Until you are well-practiced, in the art of making wise choices, it takes work, it takes concentration, and dedication.  I agree, it is not easy to meet hate or rage with love.  But, it is the most rewarding action, in that situation, because meeting anger and rage with love fills you with The Light of God, fills you with promise, fills you with hope and knowing.  And at the end of it, you are not defeated, you are not exhausted and weary.  Because you have chosen The Light, you are The Light.  The rewards of choosing Light come instantly, immediately.  And the anguish of choosing darkness and shadow surrounds you, immediately, as well.  You can tell, just by how you feel, what energies you have been manipulating, and creating. 

      “When you choose to use, or accept, or create, seeds of darkness and shadow, they are planted, and they live, and they thrive, and they blossom and grow, and reach-out, and takeover the garden you did sow.  But the same thing happens when you use the seeds of love, and kindness, and compassion, all the good seeds.  They thrive, they grow.  But, you must choose.  You must make a choice.

      “Do not be tricked into thinking that it, ‘just happens.’  You choose.  When you are willing to accept this truth, that you choose the seeds you plant, then you are already on The Way to a brighter, happier day.  Now, once you have accepted this, once you are aware that you are the one choosing, which seeds you plant, all around you, then you begin another phase, and that is making the decision, and knowing what you are doing.  It takes practice to meet greed with generosity, to meet chaos and confusion with peace and understanding.  It takes practice, but when you practice, you perfect that which you practice.  And soon, you will have a thriving Garden of Light.

      “Make no mistake.  Do not be tricked.  Refuse to believe anything but the truth, that you choose.  Now, with that knowledge, with that wisdom, within you, let that seed, of acceptance of truth, begin to blossom, within you. 

      “You feel as if you are empowered, when you know, it is your choice.  You do not have to accept what is, pushed upon you, or thrown into your garden.  You choose.  This is empowering, but it is also a responsibility.  But The Way of being an empowered, responsible being is The Way to peace, is The Way to confidence.  It is The Way to walk upon the Earth, knowing what you are doing, with no excuses, just making the right choices.

      “I AM with you.  I AM knocking.  Open the door, and let us see what today brings, together, making good choices.”