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January 3, 2022



      I speak to you, every day.  But when there is turmoil, and strife, in your life, demons of doubt can dance in your brain, and fill your thoughts with confusion, anxiety and it is difficult to hear Me.  But do  not lose faith, that I AM speaking to you because, when you cannot hear Me, I will send the signs, I will send the angels, I will send other people, be they children, or adults, who will come to you, bringing you a message, and there will be truth in that message, and you will embrace the sign, or the message, and sit quietly, and it will bring you peace.  And the demons of doubt will be cast out, and you will begin to hear My voice, within you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

      When you are in a crowded room, with many people talking, and laughing, it is difficult to hear your friend, next to you.  Even when they draw near enough to speak, softly in your ear, it is difficult to hear, with all the noise, around you.  But when it is important, to hear your friend, you remove yourself from the clatter, and the clutter, and the noise, and you go to another room, where it is quiet, and you speak, and share, and touch each other with your love, and care.  This is how God will communicate with you.  No matter how loud it might be, within your thoughts, all the worry, and anxiety, playing out there, you will be sent a message, a sign.  And when it comes to you, you will hold it close, and remove yourself, so that you might hear The Still, Small, Voice, within.  Just because you cannot hear, it does not mean that God is not near to you.  It just requires extra effort, on your part, to see the signs, to read the signs, to accept the messages, and thank the messengers, to embrace that, which comes to you, so that your thought becomes clear, and you can hear The Whisper, within you.