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January 30, 2019



God SpeaksStand directly in My light, and you will know My peace.
The Earth knows My peace; in the creation, Earth was blessed
with My peace.  You are upon the Earth; therefore, to become one
with the Earth, you must know the peace of Earth.  To know the peace
of Earth: you must breathe with the Earth; move with the Earth; rest with
the Earth
And The Holy Spirit says: There will be days when your step
should be steady
and constant.  There will be days when your step
should be determined, slower, measured.  There will be days
when your step is calling, speaking to Earth with a
der, moving over the Earth, almost
running, almost walking,
feeling The Wind
in your hair.
There will be days
when you do not move;
for, you are in slumber.  Earth
has a rhythm.  Earth breathes, and
the breath is slow, and long, and steady.
Practice becoming one with the Earth.  Move
with the Earth; for, when you are standing directly
the light of God,  and  when you are breathing,  as Earth
is breathing, you will experience life that has no limitation
and no boundaries, life that is “of God, and of Earth.”  Begin
to move toward this pattern, this habit: child of God, child of
Earth… child of eternity… living forever… knowing, the glory!