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January 30, 2020



      Close your eyes, and envision an individual carrying a heavy load, a burden so big that they have balanced it on their shoulders and back, and stoop to bear the weight of it as they move.  Understand that you too carry a burden, and often times this burden will weigh you down: to the point that you cannot stand-up; to the point you only see the ground, denied the beauty of the sky above you.  This burden you carry could be anger, or fear, or doubt, or worry and once you pick-up these weights, these energies of darkness and shadow, they begin to multiply and grow, and soon your sack is heavy, and the only way to go is to bear your burden bent and stooped.  This is not necessary, My child, you are meant to walk with your shoulders back, and your head high, so that you might see the Earth and see the sky, and master all between it, using My love flowing to you.  If today you are bent and stooped, under the weight of anger, or irritation, frustration, doubt, worry, stand and walk.  Free yourself, forgive.  Forgive all things.  Shake anger from your shoulders.  Toss worry and doubt away and rise-up to see the glory of a new day.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is not often that we realize the weight we have chosen to carry with us wherever we go.  But, every day it is possible to rise-up and make it so that you are free of this debris, of all temptations, of worry and doubt, and The Way begins when you greet your God at the start of the day.  If you begin the day and end the day in prayer there is a better chance that you will demolish all that is there to weigh you down, because the love of God will do so.  Rise-up, stand tall and walk into this new day.