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January 30, 2021



      Those who seek revenge are never free.  They carry the burden of anger, within, waiting for the moment, the time that is right, to seek revenge.  And this is a burdensome life.  It is filled, with shadow and darkness, because they must be prepared to strike.  The wise are eager to forgive, quickly, and are just as quick to ask for forgiveness, because they do not desire to carry the burden of guilt or anger, within them.  And because of this desire, their life is rich, and full, and filled with light.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Revenge, even saying the word brings the feel, the energy, to life.  You feel it when you say it.  And when you carry this harsh energy within you, your life is more difficult.  It is more trying.  Do not seek revenge.  Make the time to sit, quietly, and ask for guidance, on how to forgive, how to forgive even the most heinous of crimes and deeds, how to forgive the harshest, most hurtful, words, because this is The Way to your freedom.  Do not permit the days you have upon the Earth to be spoiled, and soiled, with the energy of revenge.  Seek The Way to forgiveness.  Begin today, and your freedom will begin, today.