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January 31, 2019


God SpeaksWhen you are seeking resolution,
a solution to an issue, situation,
or a relationship,  of any kind,
stand, directly, in My light,
and My light will il
the truth; and,
you will see it, and
you will know it, and
all will be resolved.  It is difficult
to see in shadow sometimes; it is certainly
difficult to see in darkness all of the time; but,
in the light, all is illuminated, and you can see.
Stand directly in My light!  And The
Holy Spirit
says: There will be times when you want to do
things your way; and, these times can present
challenge to you and others, unless you are
willing to stand directly in the light of God,
and embrace the answers,
that are re-
and illuminated, in the
light!  It is The Way!