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January 31, 2020



      Sometimes, when one, who has been in the limelight, in the spotlight, upon the stage gathering accolades, placed before you in prominence, or been the focus of delight, and other forms of praise, has fallen, or slipped from grace, there is the temptation to feel smug, saying to yourself that he or she deserved the fall.  Resist this temptation completely, for it is not good to draw pleasure from another’s trials and tribulations.  For, if you feel they are deserving of such punishment then there must be judgment somewhere within you.  If you find there has been judgment somewhere within you, then forgiveness of yourself is the thing to do.  My child, be mindful and do not draw joy from another’s tribulations.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       As you walk through life upon Earth there will always be the temptation to look around and surmise that this one or that one has gotten exactly what they deserve.  There will be these temptations, but pass them by, and rather than feeling smug inside, whisper, “I bless you.  I bless you.”  Begin to make this a habit, a practice, because as you walk through life you will slip and fall, and the measure of goodness in it all is that you rise-up, dust yourself off, and stand tall.  Be concerned about what you are thinking, saying, and doing, and bless all who could do with a blessing or two.