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January 31, 2021



      Do not permit yourself to be prodded, and teased, and poked, and coerced into fighting, with another person.  For, to make it a fight, there must be more than one.  Refuse to fight.  And, when one is prompting you to fight, find the courage, within you, to remember, while being assailed, that I spoke to you, one day, of this, and I whispered to you.  When one is tempting you to fight, refuse.  Instead, of offering to fight, offer to share, that which you have.  And offer to share your story.  And offer to listen, patiently, without interruption, or debate, to their story.  But refuse to fight.  Offer to share.  And you can remember, and clearly say, “There shall be no fight between you and me, today.  Today, I shall not fight.  You might batter me, you might kick me, you might hit me, but I will still turn to thee, and say, I wish to share with you today.  There will be no fight between us, today.”

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When something happens, quickly, or you find yourself caught, unawares of what is going-on around you, completely, then you tend to fall back on habits, reactions, things you have learned, that are engrained within you.  Let the words, God spoke to you, today, begin to settle within you.  There is no cause to fight another.  The greatest cause is to share with one another, and listen, because nothing, you have to say, in an atmosphere of agitation, or mistrust, will settle, into another, the way you would wish it could.  The only way, to save the day, is to let your cause be to share.  Share your food, share your clothing, share the seat in which you are sitting.  Offer to share your story.  And offer to listen, patiently, as they recite their story.  This is a good cause.  This is a cause, which will bring peace.  When you are tempted, fall back on what God said today.  Refuse to fight.  Share, share what you have, and share your story, and let it be.